OKC 101

January 23rd, 2011

I attended my first-ever NBA basketball game. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t expect the Oklahoma City Thunder to take down the New York Knickerbockers (on the subject of knickers, it seemed that Ronny Turiaf, #14 for the Knicks, got his knickers in a twist by the end, but then again, he had just been served).

I got a few pictures, but the thunderbum shot wins the prize:

But the most amazing part was that this all happened in Oklahoma City. I grew up in OKC and sarcastically referred to it as Action City, but OKC is slowly growing into its own. With the MAPS endeavor, revitalization of Bricktown and its very-own NBA team, it’s become a legitimate place to live and do business. I feel that if OKC has a progressive (imagination-wise not necessarily politically) and budget-conscious mayor, she or he could make OKC into Action City one day. So, congratulations OKC and welcome to the game – now we’ll just have to do something about those backward politics… but that’s another story.

In conclusion, NY 98, OKC 101 – hey, it’s a definite start. And that final shot, glad I was there to witness it.

The Google Slate

January 15th, 2011

Or the gSlate , Android Slate, Tabula Android, Chrome Slate, Nexus S Slate, whatever – but anything is better than Mac’s iPad* (pronounced, Max-iPad – in other news, ob pulls the plug).

In the environment where the iPhone (and the iPad) is now with Verizon, Windows is playing catch the smartphone, Google has a dog in the fight, HP plans a tabular comeback and Nokia is way too quiet (remember these? – me either), 2011 might be the year of the not-so-blank slate.

The point? There’s not really a point – I’m just happy to see more people getting into the tablet and smartphone arena. I’ve been waiting for this since I first read Ender’s Game, and it seems we might actually end up with the sci-fi society we’ve always dreamed of (see update below) – even if there are no moon bases in the near future (because, hey, we’ve been there, done that).

*But why would Apple seriously name their latest boost to technology something as stupid as iPad? I get it – it’s a pad and it’s made by Apple, so it’s got to be iSomething – but that’s a different rant, and I’m sure my friends are sick of hearing me talk about it.

UPDATE: OK – Ender’s Game isn’t really the sci-fi future I’m looking for – I just liked that the kids got those cool school tablets…

Freakout! The End Is Nigh

December 29th, 2010

I’m gearing up for the NYE Freakout #4 hosted by the Flaming Lips. It’ll be the fourth year in a row for me. I didn’t post a picture from last year’s freakout, but here’s one from the free press summer fest last summer (2010):


Hello world! Again, again…

December 29th, 2010

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Something happened to this blog a while back and it’s been under house arrest, but i decided to wipe it clean and let it loose – time will tell how good of an idea this was…

and here’s something i made last year – it’s a sequential-still-image story


July 29th, 2009

OK – someone sent me this link, and I’m having a hard time figuring out if this qualifies as me being rickrolled… I’ll have to ponder it.

Global News

June 21st, 2009

The Buddhist concept of patience differs from the Western concept in that it demands awareness instead of stoicism (i.e. patience isn’t suffering without complaint; it’s an understanding of the situation).

With this in mind, I feel that the news media are biased in any given situation; therefore, it is nearly impossible to ever fully understand the situation. But what has helped temper the information I receive and attain my own world view is an understanding of the underlying motive. The first filter I apply to everything is the reality that we do NOT live in a democracy; we live in a capitalist society with representative government. The reason I do not consider this democracy is that monetary concerns actually govern while our representative government exists within these capitalist bounds. If we accept that our society is run by the corporation of which we (the public at large) are at best minority share holders, then the reasons behind the information we receive become more apparent. Once the reasons/motives are understood, we can begin to grasp the situation. What the motives are differ by name and explanation, but they all point to money or power. And with money and power essentially being the same by Western capitalists’ standards, there’s really only one god in our current structure. So if we assume that worship of this dead god is the driving force behind every organization (including government and our society), then we get a limited view of the impetus for the information exchange we call news. Continue Reading »

Exclude Posts – Update

June 8th, 2009

OK – so after doing the update in order to exclude my weekly twitter digest, I noticed some problems. The main one was that the ‘Older Entries’ link didn’t work. I tried several variants, but the only way I could get them to work again was by deleting the exclude code I had put before the loop. So I deleted it.

I assumed that it was because the is_home() and is_front_page() conditional tags weren’t working properly, so I checked out the loop page again. And I found this example, which works exactly as I want it too. It doesn’t answer the questions of whether or not the conditional tags for home and front page actually work – as a matter of fact, even when you’re not on the homepage (front page) the posts from my tweets category still get filtered out. This is OK for me because that’s what I want to happen; however, if you want something to happen on the homepage (front page) only, I would look for another way.

Exclude Posts Belonging to a Category

June 6th, 2009

UPDATE 06/08/09
This didn’t work out the way I planned, so I had to do something else

OK – so I have this nifty plugin that lets me post new blog entries to my twitter profile (Twitter Tools). The plugin also posts a weekly digest of my tweets. The problem is that I don’t want the weekly digest posted to my homepage; however, I do want the weekly digest posted to the blog, so I needed to find a way to filter a category from my homepage.

I searched wordpress.org support and found several plugins that sort of did what I wanted, but it seems ridiculous to install a plugin for something as simple as filtering a query, so I continued to search and found a helpful list of Query Posts that would handle the filtering. I then had to place the code before the WordPress Loop, so the category would be filtered out before the loop started. Here’s what I ended up using:

if (is_home()) {

where 3 is the ID of the category you want to exclude from the page – and don’t forget the minus sign (-) before the ID number.

I opened the index.php file in a text editor, but you can use the built-in WordPress theme editor or file editor if you wish. I then had to place the code before the loop began:

<?php get_header(); ?>
<div id="content" class="narrowcolumn">
if (is_home()) {
<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
<div class="post">

You’ll need to know the ID of the category you wish to exclude in order to do this. To find the category ID from the Dashboard, go to Posts → Categories and hover over the category name. When you do this the link address will appear in the bottom left of your browser (or wherever the onHover link address appears in your browser). At the end of the address you’ll see …cat_ID=3 – whatever the number, that’s the ID for that category.

It didn’t take me long to find all this information, but I had to look in several places for the entire process, so I hope this saves someone some time.

Things to understand:
With this method you can only exclude posts that belong to one category. If a post belongs to two categories, it will still be posted.
This method addresses posts to the homepage. The posts will still appear on the category’s page, and the category listing will still appear in the sidebar.

The Governator. Can you digg it?

May 31st, 2009

A few days old (translation: old news), but this is a great interview with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don’t agree with everything the governor believes in, but he never ceases to impress me. And I will never understand why he’s considered a Republican.
Continue Reading »

I don't know German, but Rhabarberbarbara

May 31st, 2009

I have no idea what in hell this is or what it’s saying, but I found it oddly amusing. I’m sure if I understood what was going on, I’d find it brilliant, but I’m not smart enough for any of that. Still – I hope you enjoy and I’d like to thank brennarella for pointing me to it.

enjoy and take care always