I’m trying to make sense of the process. I want to explore the politics, policy and law of the United States. I want to take a continued look at the state of this great experiment called democracy and try to see where it is headed. In honesty I must admit that I have a bias, and that bias is led by my upbringing and heart. I am not attempting to report on events, I am trying to find and process the information and discern what is true for me – what fits my core values. You are welcome to check in on this and see how I’m doing whenever you’d like. Also – you’ll here a lot of my opinions and rants.

I’m a digital media guy. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology, and I’m currently going to school for a Master of Arts in Digital Media Studies. I was raised by my grandparents and brought up with depression-era and WWII-era values and actions at the core.