I don't know German, but Rhabarberbarbara

May 31st, 2009

I have no idea what in hell this is or what it’s saying, but I found it oddly amusing. I’m sure if I understood what was going on, I’d find it brilliant, but I’m not smart enough for any of that. Still – I hope you enjoy and I’d like to thank brennarella for pointing me to it.

enjoy and take care always

Tokyoflash Japan : Watches – and how technology has cut the workload of a clock in half

March 1st, 2009

Tokyoflash Japan : Watches.

I remember when I learned how to tell time in grade school – and I remember thinking how silly it was since digital watches were everywhere (the casio calculator watch was pretty much brand new – only worn by the kids that made machine gun and airplane dive bombing sound effects during class, and wore camo every day, but…). And then I remember the swatch, which I had to have (actually it was only cool if you had more than one though… – I only had one).

Anyway – I don’t have a watch – I just use my cell phone to find out the time; but if I was going to get a watch, I might have to get one from Tokyoflash – then again, maybe not. I don’t have a desire to relearn how to tell time… oh well.

yesterday I sat and counted the number of ticks on a wall clock – it only had thirty ticks per minute… that seems fairly odd to me, but I guess it saves money or something, but I remember when there were sixty ticks per minute. And I think it just goes to show how far we’ve fallen – then again, maybe it doesn’t show anything at all except that we can now count to sixty with half the effort… Isn’t technology amazing!


UPDATE – 03-02-09
I thought about this and I realize that most clocks only have 30 ticks… so what I think I meant was that I’m used to wall clocks having 30 ticks and 30 tocks, but the clock I saw the other day ago had only 15 ticks and 15 tocks per minute – and everything else is the same… thanks

but… then again, maybe the clock did have 30 ticks, but no tocks (or the reverse) – everything is so complicated these days.